Who Needs ChurchPay Pros?

Are you currently using a national service bureau who “just doesn’t get it” when it comes to the special payroll and tax rules for churches and ministers? ChurchPay Pros knows church payroll! Not only will we set up your account correctly from the beginning, but we will also assign you a CPA advisor who will offer you free counsel and advice on tax issues pertaining to churches and ministers. When it comes to church payroll, ChurchPay Pros “gets it”!

Would your church like to start a tax-friendly retirement plan or Section 125 cafeteria plan but is worried about handling the payroll deductions according to the complex rules you have heard about? ChurchPay Pros can set-up deductions based on your plan documents, and also remit the deductions and employer “match” to the proper destinations.

Have any of your ministers been hit with an unexpected income tax bill? At your request, a CPA advisor will review your payroll set-up to ensure that your ministers are maximizing their take-home pay without being hit with a large tax bill in the spring. In addition, our CPA advisors will offer advice on housing allowance, 403(b) funding, minister expense reimbursement, self-employment tax, and other issues specific to ministers/clergy. This is a free service to all ChurchPay Pros clients.

Is the administrative person doing your payroll becoming overwhelmed? Let ChurchPay Pros take on the burden of handling payroll and payroll taxes. In most cases, you will recoup your payroll fees by freeing up your valuable staff to take on other projects.

If you are a minister or pastor, church financial officer, or Board member of a congregation, you’ll enjoy peace of mind when you know that the church and all employees, especially ministers, are complying with the special payroll and tax rules that apply to you. You and your church need ChurchPay Pros!