Payroll & Taxes

Payroll and payroll tax has always been the heart of our business. While we have added many valuable services to our core business, our focus is providing our church clients with accurate and timely payroll and tax administration. The addition of state-of-the-art software, featuring a single database for payroll, time and labor management, and human resources, allows ChurchPay Pros to provide churches with a unique way to save time and money while gaining the experience of our expert payroll staff.

Professional Payroll Staff and Services

ChurchPay Pros is staffed with payroll experts, many of whom have earned their Certified Payroll Professional designation. We provide full-service payroll services including calculation of earnings, deductions, garnishments, and taxes. In addition, our staff is trained on the calculation/taxation of clergy wages, clergy housing allowances, reimbursements, retirement plans, health savings accounts, flexible spending plans and more.

Real-Time Online Options

One of the key features of our online payroll application is the “real-time” reporting, allowing payroll administrators to view payroll reports before the payroll is submitted to ChurchPay Pros. You will be able to view your employee pay statements, deductions, and taxes as you are entering the payroll online – no surprises! You can even check employee current year W-2’s to make sure special payroll items, such as the pastor’s housing allowance, are appearing on the W-2 as they should.

Quality Control

ChurchPay Pros’ online payroll application has a “payroll alert” feature that provides clients the opportunity to add tasks that must be completed/signed off before proceeding with payroll processing. In addition, all saved data entry in the system is stamped with a date, time, and identity of the user for an easily accessible audit trail. This information is stored indefinitely.

Expert Tax Administration with Geospatial Pinpoint Accuracy

ChurchPay Pros combines advanced technology with experienced, professional staff to provide clients with unmatched tax administration. Our advanced tax engine tracks the employee’s home and work address to accurately apply the appropriate taxes, taking the guesswork out of the most complex tax situations¬† – including cases where multiple states are involved. Our team of payroll tax experts will pay your employee and employer taxes electronically via our advanced payroll tax software. We will compute your payroll tax returns accurately and on time, providing you with electronic or paper copies for your records. Our staff is well-versed in church taxation, so you won’t have to worry about taxes being collected that aren’t owed.