HR Services

While ChurchPay Pros remains focused on payroll/payroll tax, we realize that human resources and payroll are connected. Our advanced technology includes an optional, human resources application that offers the ability to track the employee experience from recruitment to termination. Modules such as recruiting, hiring, benefits enrollment, and performance evaluations tie into the payroll module. For example, raises given based on performance evaluations can be added directly to payroll as part of the evaluation process. This ensures that pay increases do not slip through the cracks, causing frustration for the employee and embarrassment for the employer.

Our online HR Support Center is jammed packed with HR information, templates, sample policies, and law updates. Find answers to frequently asked questions and stay up to date on the latest legislative developments for a minimum monthly fee. In addition to the features of the Workforce Management software and HR Support Center, ChurchPay Pros also offers a subscription based HR On Demand service featuring unlimited access to HR professionals (PHR minimum).This access may be via email or phone and is completely unlimited for a small monthly fee. (Can be canceled at any time.) Services include answers to your HR questions; guidance on writing HR policies, to include a complete employee handbook; assistance with difficult HR situations such as terminations, and full use of ChurchPay Pros online HR Support Center.

ChurchPay Pros by AccuPay has also developed partnerships with local HR experts who can provide assistance with your more advanced HR issues on a fee basis.

For more information about our Human Resource offerings, contact ChurchPay Pros at 317-885-7600.