ChurchPay Pros are Your QuickBooks Pros! ChurchPay Pros offers clients many added benefits including access to QuickBooks Cafe, a division of Shaub CPA Group. QuickBooks Cafe specializes in helping central Indiana churches, businesses, and non-profits set up and use QuickBooks so that your books, files, and financial statements are accurate and presented correctly in a format that is most meaningful to you. QuickBooks Cafe is made up of credentialed experts in QuickBooks software, accounting, payroll and income tax laws. The QuickBooks Cafe team assists ChurchPay Pros clients who choose our QuickBooks export option in mapping ChurchPay Pros payroll information into their QuickBooks general ledger. ChurchPay Pros will then provide a file after each payroll that can be easily uploaded into QuickBooks for seamless integration of your payroll information into your accounting system. QuickBooks Cafe’s menu of services are priced ala carte so you only ever pay for the services you need. For further information about QuickBooks® training, contact Christi Nash, CPA at 317/888-2047 or visit their website at www.quickbookscafe.com.